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Dear Boss Fans, It’s here!

Dear Boss Fans, It’s here!

My new book „Dance with the BOSS – How employees can tactfully lead their bosses“ is now available (Campus-Verlag). The time has come for employees to be more proactive!
The Book-idea came when the real ‪#‎BOSS‬, Bruce Springsteen lifted me onto the stage (not very sexy because I am a chubby girl :-)) in Mönchengladbach Germany and I danced with him for 1 minute and 8 seconds. It was absolut overwhelming because seven years before, he saved my life in 1 second (!) when I was totally running out of hope or perspective after „7 hard holy-strokes-of-fate“. True and hard story.

To order: still in german (I’ll translate the most important extract about the „save-my-life-story“ pretty soon) http://amzn.to/1J35EZq

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